Hall #5

Be inspired & create future - the KEYHOUSE (hall 5) is the innovation hub and competence center for the textile industry presenting future-oriented and business-related concepts with a highly innovative approach in a concentrated manner. This interactive trade fair format forms a backdrop for smart textiles, future fabrics and technologies with a high degree of integration in textile products and high fashion. Pioneering showcases, sustainability, new technologies and value creation processes are put in a spotlight in the context of cross-sector macro trends, rounded off by expert workshops and seminars on trends, technology, finishing and research.




„The organisers have managed to create an inspiring setting at KEYHOUSE that links two mega trends. One driver is sportswear and the other technology. Both together sketch out the future path for the fashion and textile industry. The participative and interactive concept of this new unique hall gives these developments a further push.”
Pierre-Henry Servajean, Bolid'ster



Also attracting a great deal of attention was the SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS Forum at KEYHOUSE. Commenting on this Simon Angel, the curator of Sustainable Innovations, said that this Forum had succeeded in making an open-minded and highly interested audience curious about, and inspired by, novel, sustainable materials and alternative processes; making them stop and take some time out in this atmospherically designed area.




"With SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS we have a progressive lab with the latest resources and materials inspiring visitors to ponder on new possibilities for material use and manufacturing processes." 
Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START




Sustainable Innovations are at home at the Keyhouse and want to inspire and think ahead. Last September we realised that the contemporary design paradigm is changing: creative minds increasingly focus themselves and their creative energy on the value chains underlying products or services rather than on the design of the final output. It's about three values: Virtue | Value | Volume. With this episode title, Sustainable Innovations simultaneously refers to last September and to the ongoing developments just described that we are witnessing. In general, it can be observed that we are paying more and more attention to virtues and values. This is a constructive and positive response to current social problems and challenges. Because we take our time to "appreciate": what we carry, use, but also the people we meet or work with.



Product innovations of the latest generation come care of the forum of the HighTex Award, MUNICH FARBIC START’s innovation prize, presenting a selection of currently the most innovative fabrics and additionals at Keyhouse. The HighTex Award Forum makes it possible in the Here and Now to experience a part of the future with innovations in the following categories: High-Tex, Technology, Smart Fibres, Sustainability, Resource Efficiency, Finishing, Special Finishes, Functionality, Health and Circular Processes. Other criteria involved here look at process feasibility and marketability.




„This proves how MUNICH FABRIC START supports and honours the great and often cost-intensive commitment of innovative and creative companies in cooperation with innovative brands to trigger new and future-oriented product impulses. “ 
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START