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Get inspired by the SEASON'S UPDATE

MUNICH FABRIC START event and trend publications document in detail the latest trends and colour tendencies for the new season. You can order the publications here. We offer a range of packages at reduced prices.  

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Spring.Summer 20

Farbkarte für 45 € bestellen

Trend Code

60 €

Colourcode für85 € bestellen

Colour code

95 €

Farbkarte & Colourcode für 115 € bestellen


125 €

Autumn.Winter 19/20

Trend Book für 60 € bestellen

Trend Book

60 €

Colour Code für 95 € bestellen

Colour Code

95 €

Farbkarte & Colourcode für 125 € bestellen


125 €


Explore the five trend themes for Spring.Summer 20 with atmospherically designed impressions from art, culture architecture and design, the world of theatre and movies already at this early stage.

The TREND CODE documents the key fabrics and colours of Spring.Summer 20 and point out the latest technical developments. The trendsetting catwalk highlights are incorporated according to the themes into high-selling collection tableaux. This is complemented by revealing colour compositions that pinpoint the principal colours with their associated accent tones (and PANTONE codes) at an early point in time.

A service that offers you valuable additional information which can be introduced into your workflow direct.

Price: € 60


Find the general colour card for the season in the COLOUR CODE - exclusively presented as correspondingly dyed high-quality yarns - ensuring a tactile fashion experience in addition to the visual impression. On a practical note, you will find 20 metres yarn per colour with associated PANTONE codes as a tool supporting communication in your operations.

Price: € 95

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